• Workshop Fashion online (GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.)

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  • Arbeitskreis IT, Tag 1 - Schwerpunkt Technik(GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.)

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  • Arbeitskreis IT, Tag 2 - Schwerpunkt Strategie(GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.)

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  • Ganzheitliches Qualitätsmanagement (GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.)

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  • PDM/ Distribution (GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.)

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  • Arbeitskreis Logistik, Tag 1 - Schwerpunkt Hängelogistik(GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.)

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  • Arbeitskreis Logistik, Tag 2 - Arbeitskreissitzung(GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.)

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  • Die 8 Felder der Digitalisierung (GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.)

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  • Workshop BPM for Fashion (GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.)

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  • Workshop CRM for fashion (GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.)

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We are a management consultancy focussing on business performance in the fashion, sportswear, luxury goods and footwear segments.


From the industry for the industry

GCS Consulting was established in 1996, already with a clear focus on the fashion industries and their specific challenges.
This sector orientation determines our DNA still today.

Whereas in the past expertise and operational experiences were enough, today rather methodical consulting products and tools are needed.

Our sector orientation helps us offering a comprehensive package of methodological competences for industrial companies and retailers in our core industries.
This allows our customers to benefit from highly efficient consulting projects.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

Angelina Schock, Andreas Schneider & the entire GCS team