We don’t just create strategies: it’s the implementation that counts.

About us

The requirements of the fashion, sports, luxury goods and footwear segments are highly diverse. Our customers are faced with the challenge, in addition to their core wholesaling business, of being capable partners to retailers and also customer-focused traders for the consumer. On top of this, all business models have to be professionally constructed for use at home and abroad as well as functioning efficiently across a variety of sales channels which may operate in parallel or be interlinked.

Reducing complexity and making it manageable is one of the key management tasks of our time. Growing the company's performance and achieving goals at the same time calls, especially in our key industry, for specific expertise in corporate and strategic development, process organisation and IT. These diverse skills are something which it is scarcely economical for individual companies to keep on hand. Staying on the ball in the face of such a wide range of challenges is possible only by means of consistent modernisation, flexible structures and use of the very latest process standards. br />
As an operational consulting firm which has been around for 20 years, we will help you examine your general framework, environment and processes in considerable depth in order to make them fit for the respective challenges of our time.

Consulting style

Consulting to completion
We don't just develop concepts, we also put our proposals into action in the real world and take responsibility for them. We place great emphasis on sustainable results and long-term partnerships. As a result, we are also happy to assist our clients following successful completion of projects.

Our commitment to the industry
In addition to our customer projects, we are founders and supporters of relevant industry initiatives, applying our expertise with an eye to the future and for the benefit of the fashion industry.
We are also advisers to the "Processes, IT & Logistics" hotline of the "GermanFashion Modeverband Germany e.V." trade association. This means we are also in a position to help members on a more ad-hoc basis as well.

Partnering with our clients' staff
Our clients' employees are centre-stage – without them, even the best concepts will not give lasting benefits. With open communication, fair dealings and reliability we will partner with your people to achieve even the most difficult of goals. This calls for good social skills, but also for in-depth expertise and industry knowledge.

Skills & capabilities

Industry relevance
Digitalisation and supply chain management are still relatively new topics in the fashion trade. We have the experience and expertise to exploit these topics in ways to suit your specific requirements.
That way, you stay at the leading edge.

Planning to win
It takes more than technical expertise to make consulting projects fly. We'll use our consulting tools and extensive project management knowledge to make things happen and steer your projects through to implementation.
This way, your goals quickly become reality.
Change management is an indispensable part of generating acceptance of, and support for, upcoming changes in the company.

We understand concepts as a menu of measures for achieving goals. Our focus is always on implementation.
We also like to exchange ideas with you in a partnership of equals, which is why we like to use workshops and provide advice and guidance in parallel. This way, you are always able to understand and implement our concepts and proposals. This creates a sure foundation for winning projects.

Fashion meets tech
We're fashionistas at heart – our background is in fashion, and it's the reason we love what we do. From high-tech textiles and wearables to 3D processes – we keep up to speed with what's really going on in the industry.
We were a driving force in RFID right from the start.
We are IT-literate and have a passion for products and technology. They're our springboard for innovation.

Initiatives & Partnerships

  • placeholder
    GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V., Köln
    Within the unit IT, processes and logistics we are available for advicing members. We are your contact regarding digitalisation.
  • eBiz EURATEX
    In cooperation with EURATEX we are supporting networking and data exchange topics in the fashion industry.
  • Fashion Net Düsseldorf
    Fashion Net, Düsseldorf
    GCS Consulting supports Fashion Net Düsseldorf as an active network member.
  • gs1
    GS1 Germany GmbH, Köln
    In cooperation with GS1 we are developing relevant standards for the fashion industry.
  • Hochschule Niederrein
    Hochschule Niederrhein, Mönchengladbach
    Member of alumni network and regular know-how exchange
  • AAPN American Apparel Producer's Network, Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A
  • FCG
    Fashion Council Germany
    Member of the Fashion Council Germany


We are your skilled port of call in all matters associated with general industry information and trends, standards, RFID technology, IT solutions and trends as well as our own consulting disciplines of business performance, process management, supply chain management, multi-brand management and business communities.

Our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions, give interviews or lectures and talks on any of the above topic areas.

Your contact: Andreas Schneider, Managing Partner
Tel: +49 (0) 89 89 13 65 - 12
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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